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Gamers love maps. Always have, always will. Ever since the mighty Gygax and his little wizards first put graphite to graph paper, making maps has been the blessing and the curse of the gamemaster.
Role-playing game maps are a great way to make sure that the players and the gamemaster are operating from a common framework, so everyone knows where they are and what their options are before, after, and during combat. They're also a lot of fun to create and populate, arranging nasty surprises for the players.
They're also time-consuming, and difficult for those of us who consider the experience of drawing straight lines something that happens to other people. There is an alternative, though.
EMG Mapper will create an endless number of grid-based line maps for you to fill with monsters, traps and treasure. Each map is randomly-generated based on a series of user-controlled variables, guaranteed 100% ready-to-use with no drawing required.
Seriously. That's what it does. Look at these sample maps created with EMG Mapper (click to view full size):
The map on the left was created with 75% density (the percentage of the map area that EMG Mapper will attempt to fill with rooms and corridors) and the classic color scheme used by module makers in ancient times (the 70s and 80s). On the right, the same settings were used, with the density increased to 85% and the color scheme changed to black and white. Both maps were produced in under five minutes. Both have two staircases to provide vertical movement, a few odd-shaped rooms to break up the rectangular monotony, and plenty of secret and concealed doors to keep your players guessing. As you can see, they are similar but nowhere near identical, like 2 levels from the same dungeon designer.
Want more circular rooms? Change the percentages in the Room Shape dialogue. Curved corridors? There's a setting for that. How about one big corridor that encompasses the whole level? Click, done.
EMG Mapper is designed to make the process of creating maps easier and faster, so you can spend more time on things you and your players can enjoy, like conjuring a small horde of troll-rhinoceros centaurs sitting on a fat pile of gold and magic. Maybe in that big, round room...?
Here's a screen shot to show you the level of customization available in this astonishing program (again, click for full size):
EMG Mapper doesn't draw geomorphs or 3D models for you to cut out and put together. We like those too, and we encourage you to use them. What our program does is create grid-based floorplan maps randomly, quickly and reliably. So if that's what you're interested in, here's where you can buy it:
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